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Considerate: Foxmail 6.0 beta 3 the beginning of experience

In mid-April, Foxmail 6.0 beta 3 (hereinafter referred to as beta 3) release. Although the functions do not have much progress, but still fine-tuning to do a lot of changes to become more useful new features. Here I take a look on the following, Foxmail 6.0 beta 3 to our pleasant surprise.

1, little change in the interface

First install Foxmail 6.0 beta 3, then start. From the start the interface point of view and the previous version does not change, only the version number into the beta2 beta3 (Figure 1). The main interface change is not great, and the previous version is almost no difference, but in some nuances have changed very little.

Figure 1 Foxmail 6 Beta 3 of the start interface

After some time I try, beta 3 performance in very stable, not been any problems. In the beta 2 version is not out of the bug can not be shut down have also been resolved.

In beta 1 the RSS reading functionality to add, in the beta 3 has been further improved. Personal use, and found the original information of the time to read RSS shortened from the original ten seconds reduced to only a few seconds, shortening the time to read the information to a third of the original. And author of Intelligent ABC input method previously used, and then run Foxmail, the main interface will appear flashing situation. Mailing list in the switching time, is also prone to flash the main interface. In the latest beta 3 version which was finally resolved this issue, no matter what the situation will not be the main interface Foxmail flashing on the other.

Second, build email address book automatically

In previous versions Foxmail among others the letter issued after the complete e-mail address is not automatically added to the address book are in need can be added manually. Other e-mail management software, such as DreamMail, e-mail address is automatically added to support the function. Fortunately enough the latest Foxmail 6.0 beta 3 which, I found that sending messages to others, the other's e-mail address is automatically added to the address book. Although you can add directly to the e-mail address, but only automatically adds email addresses, names need to be added manually before they can (Figure 2), so this feature appears to some tasteless. If we are to automatically add e-mail address at the time, also add the recipient's name the better.

Figure 2 automatically add the address also need to add the name

Third, the mailing list to allow return to the traditional style

Foxmail from 6.0 introduced a new mailing list style, so that messages can be grouped. Function is similar to Gmail messages automatically grouping. View the message can bring a lot of convenience. But not everyone likes. In previous versions of the list can not be restored to the traditional style, beta 3 to allow the mailing list to return to the traditional way. Through the menu "View" => "Show in Groups" option is canceled (Figure 3), so that the mailing list to restore the traditional style (Figure 4).

Figure 3 The new group mailing list

Figure 4 traditional mailing list

4, adjusted in order to support e-mail folder

New messages in the folder can Foxmail, will be charged to the letters of different people into different e-mail folder automatically. But e-mail folder is set up, can not change the location. In beta 3 in this case has changed. Can use the mouse to drag and drop e-mail folder, easily change their position, but not delete the re-established. In fact, this feature is very simple, do not know why-teng Xun the company achieved in this version only if the previous version have this feature, then I would not have so much trouble.

5, support for exporting, importing anti-spam black / white lists and Bayesian Popescu

Increased black / white lists and Bayesian Popescu is the biggest bright spot Foxmail 6.0. With it, you need not worry about spam. A previous version of the greatest shortcoming, it is unable to import the bulk black / white lists and Bayesian Popescu, can automatically be updated. This is not very user friendly.

beta 3 to change this situation, you can find the latest Bayeux Popescu online listings and their own definitions of black / white list into Foxmail in. Can also click on the "Export" button to the existing black / white lists and Bayesian Popescu back up or share with them their own Bayeux Popescu.

Figure 5 Bayesian filtering the relevant settings

6, write e-mail address auto-completion feature enhanced

Used IE's friends all know that when typing the URL in the address bar, IE will automatically display and type characters to match the address, this is IE's "auto complete" feature. Beta 3 also increased in a similar function. When you enter e-mail address, just enter a letter before the message will automatically add the e-mail the next section (Figure 6) to facilitate input-mail address.

Figure 6 Enter e-mail address auto-completion time

But do a little less than that if you want to write the address did not want people to know, Foxmail 6.0 beta 3 This new feature will disclose his secret, and can not be deleted, unless we can re-install Foxmail. This new feature seems to have convenient side and inconvenient side, If we are able to choose whether to auto-completion on the mailing list like a, so that it can effectively protect our privacy.

7, in the scrap box to delete messages, delete messages from the server at the same time

When we set up accounts, they usually choose to accept messages from the server and remain on the server, this way both in Foxmail in any operation, the server will not be changed. But the message we received when Foxmail receive some junk mail, usually is to delete these spam messages. But by the above settings, just delete Foxmail, and not on the server to delete. In Foxmail 6.0 beta 3 can be by setting, in the scrap box to delete messages at the same time from the server to delete the corresponding message.

In Foxmail 6.0 beta 3 settings, select General, then in the following "in the scrap box to delete messages from the server at the same time remove the corresponding message" stamped in front of a pigeon (Figure 11), so remove the scrap pieces of boxes in which the message When the mail server to delete the same time. But I recommend you this feature to be used with caution, because once deleted can not be restored.


On the whole Foxmail 6.0 beta 3 at the interface is not much change in functionality is also no major changes. But there are many nuances have been changed, from this point of view to work out the strict attitude of Tencent. All this is only beta version of it, I believe the official version in Foxmail 6.0 will have more improvements, more complete, more powerful. Here I hope Foxmail farther good, get more people to love.

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Servlet Programming with Servlet Display Pictures

Servlet servlet used to do programming in a tracking image click technology, this module large one, here to talk about with the Servlet display picture part. First talk show with a picture of a process Servlet:

1. Servlet programming in response to set the output type:

The corresponding statement - response. SetContentType ("image / gif; charset = GB2312"),

銆??response 渚胯兘杈撳嚭gif鍥剧墖锛?amp;quot;image/gif;charset=GB2312"渚挎槸杈撳嚭绫诲瀷锛屽綋鐒朵綘鍙互杈撳嚭 "image/jpg;charset=GB2312"绫诲瀷鏂囦欢銆?br />
銆??2. 瀹炵幇Servlet鏄剧ず鍥剧墖涔嬪緱鍒版枃浠舵祦锛?br />
銆??servlet鏄互娴佺殑褰㈠紡浠跺浘鐗囨枃浠朵粠鏈嶅姟鍣ㄨ鍑猴紝閫氳繃response灏嗘祦鍙戝埌娴忚鍣ㄧ殑銆?br />
銆??3. 瀹炵幇Servlet鏄剧ず鍥剧墖涔嬪緱鍒拌緭鍑烘祦锛?br />
銆??瀵瑰簲鐨勮鍙?-OutputStream output = response.getOutputStream(); 褰撶劧锛屽鐞嗗浘鐗囨枃浠堕渶瑕佷互浜岃繘鍒跺舰寮忕殑娴併?

銆??4. 瀹炵幇Servlet鏄剧ず鍥剧墖涔嬫枃浠舵祦鐨勭紪鐮?浣嗕篃涓嶄竴瀹氬繀椤荤紪鐮佺殑锛屽鏋滀笉鏄枃浠舵祦锛屽垯蹇呴』缂栫爜) 鎵?互鎴戠粰澶у涓?釜鐢ㄧ紪鐮佺殑浠g爜鍜屼笉鐢ㄧ紪鐮佺殑浠g爜.

銆??椤轰究璇翠竴鍙ワ紝sun鍏徃浠呮彁渚涗簡jpg鍥剧墖鏂囦欢鐨勭紪鐮乤pi銆?br />
銆??鎴戞兂鍩烘湰娴佺▼閮借瀹屼簡锛屼笅闈㈡垜鎶婁唬鐮佹嬁缁欏ぇ瀹剁湅涓?笅锛屽ぇ瀹惰嚜鐒朵竴鐩簡鐒朵簡锛?br />
銆??package xjw.personal.servet; import*; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import com.sun.image.codec.jpeg.*;


銆??import*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.image.BufferedImage; public class ShowPicture extends HttpServlet{ private static final String GIF="image/gif;charset=GB2312";


銆??private static final String JPG="image/jpeg;charset=GB2312"; public void init() throws ServletException { } public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException, ServletException { doPost(request, response); } public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException, ServletException { String spec=request.getParameter("spec"); //杈撳嚭鍥剧墖鐨勭被鍨嬬殑鏍囧織 int int_spec=Integer.parseInt(spec); if(spec==1) { String imagePath="/jfgg/b1.jpg"; //鍥剧墖鐩稿web搴旂敤鐨勪綅缃?} else { String imagePath="/jfgg/b2.gif";

銆??鍥剧墖鐩稿web搴旂敤鐨勪綅缃?br />
銆??} OutputStream output = response.getOutputStream();//寰楀埌杈撳嚭娴?if(imagePath.toLowerCase().endsWith(".jpg"))//浣跨敤缂栫爜澶勭悊鏂囦欢娴佺殑鎯呭喌锛?{ response.setContentType(JPG);//璁惧畾杈撳嚭鐨勭被鍨?//寰楀埌鍥剧墖鐨勭湡瀹炶矾寰?imagePath = getServletContext().getRealPath(imagePath);


銆??InputStream imageIn = new FileInputStream(new File(imagePath)); //寰楀埌杈撳叆鐨勭紪鐮佸櫒锛屽皢鏂囦欢娴佽繘琛宩pg鏍煎紡缂栫爜 JPEGImageDecoder decoder = JPEGCodec.createJPEGDecoder(imageIn); //寰楀埌缂栫爜鍚庣殑鍥剧墖瀵硅薄 BufferedImage image = decoder.decodeAsBufferedImage(); //寰楀埌杈撳嚭鐨勭紪鐮佸櫒 JPEGImageEncoder encoder = JPEGCodec.createJPEGEncoder(output); encoder.encode(image);//瀵瑰浘鐗囪繘琛岃緭鍑虹紪鐮?imageIn.close();//鍏抽棴鏂囦欢娴?} if(imagePath.toLowerCase().endsWith(".gif"))//涓嶄娇鐢ㄧ紪鐮佸鐞嗘枃浠舵祦鐨勬儏鍐碉細 { response.setContentType(GIF); ServletContext context = getServletContext();//寰楀埌鑳屾櫙瀵硅薄 InputStream imageIn=context.getResourceAsStream(imagePath);//鏂囦欢娴?BufferedInputStream bis=new BufferedInputStream(imageIn);//杈撳叆缂撳啿娴?BufferedOutputStream bos=new BufferedOutputStream(output);//杈撳嚭缂撳啿娴?byte data[]=new byte[4096];//缂撳啿瀛楄妭鏁?int size=0;; while (size!=-1) { bos.write(data,0,size);; } bis.close(); bos.flush();//娓呯┖杈撳嚭缂撳啿娴?bos.close(); } output.close(); } }

銆??鏈?悗鏄浣曡皟鐢紝浣犲彲浠ョ畝鍗曠殑鏄犲皠涓?笅servelt锛屾垜灏卞皢servet鐨勫悕鏄犲皠涓篠howPic, 浜庢槸涓嬩唬鐮佽皟鐢?br />
銆??锕tml锕ャ? 銆?工body锕ャ? 銆?工img src="ShowPic?spec=2"锕ワ工/a锕?锕?body锕?锕?html锕?br />


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Toyota Authorized Dealer

Customer background

The new company is under huge Guangzhou Toyota's authorized dealers, the main business of selling auto parts, auto parts, auto repair three main business is the Toyota strategy in southern China-based service providers.

Customer demand

Operating for many years in the automotive industry recognize the new huge company behind the management system has been unable to adapt to the development of the Internet era demands the automotive industry, automobile enterprises to survive and in today's competitive environment has been a fundamental change. To gain a competitive advantage, has not unilaterally improve the management of enterprises, price competition, preferential policies, etc., etc., but focuses on the overall industry competitiveness upgrading, especially enterprise business intelligence on the whole enhancement of competitiveness. So a huge company to develop new means to integrate the use of e-commerce within their own enterprises, external management in automobile trade, automotive, auto parts in various business areas to implement e-commerce strategy for the integrated management approach.


China a huge digital and new access through the many do, to develop a huge company to meet the new demand and rapid development requirements of the current solution to that vehicle of God + b2b e-commerce system, the system mainly by the b2b e-commerce front-end system + b2b e-commerce background distribution network business platform system + form, background information management system based on the definition, business, accounting, personnel, query, aei business systems pose. aei b2b business prospects of e-commerce platform to provide the supply and demand sides to send and receive documents for the auto parts business formed a complete business management program.

Implementation Effect
At present, China Digital was a huge Guangzhou Honda's car design and development of God + b2b e-commerce system has passed a comprehensive inspection, has entered the operational stage and formal. Directly in the new huge company online auto parts, automobile, maintenance orders and other business services, e-commerce systems to reduce the company's costs and accelerate the repayment of loan Kuaisu, shorten sales cycles and lower marketing costs, the enterprise of over- profits.

"The most I was surprised that China's implementation of the digital capacity of" huge Guangzhou Toyota computer manager said, "At first we Chinese still some doubts about the timetable for digital, digital real-time China did not expect such a wealth of implementation experience, in fixed up a less than a month. "

Guangzhou Toyota's huge purchasing manager said, "China Digital rte e-commerce platform, significantly reduced our inventory really a huge help to the new Guangzhou Toyota."

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X-window on the summary notes

Looking for tomorrow x window system to lecture on the subject, today I specifically clarify some concepts.

1, x-window is also known as x, is c / s model is based graphics system under linux.

2, xwindow three parts: serve, client, x agreements.

3, xfree86 (including xaa acceleration system), xorg, xnest x protocol is server software, commonly used in IBM's commercial Motif, request the server file transfer clients are: IE, MOZILLA, NETSCAPE and so on.

4, x11r6: X Protocol Version 11 of the sixth issue, the current X server software and X applications to follow X11R6.

5, xwindow and win on the graphics system differences: is the win on the graphics system as part of os, and linux can be out of xwindow. This shows that if x graphics system crashes can go back to character interface, and graphics system crashes under win os crash means.

6, xwindow the benefits: is the client and serve for the network is transparent, in other words, and many serve multiple client programs can be placed on the network Renyiyitai machine.

7, generally based on xwindow next two window managers are gnome (free license) and kde (charges), the former library which is based on gtk qt library. They also each contain their own complete set of software, such as the taskbar, Start menu, desktop icons and so on. Other small window managers are: window maker, after step, blackbox, fvwm, fvwm2, etc. are all common good window manager.

8, linux graphical interface hierarchy summary: linux itself -> X server <- [X-protocol chat] -> window manager (Integrated Desktop Environment) -> X applications, window manager is not required of.

9, Xgl - X over OpenGL, OpenGL-based X server, which uses hardware acceleration to achieve real 3D Desktop.

10, Exa is based on the KAA (Kdrive Acceleration Architecture, KDrive accelerating structure) of the simplified acceleration architecture. KDrive Keith Packard is a modular X server implementation, KAA KDrive can get. And before the old XAA (XFree86 Acceleration ArchITecture, XFree86 acceleration architecture) different, Exa has been designed to speed up the XRender, it is small, simple, flexible, and allows X developers to create various special effects.

11, Xgl and Xegl difference: Xegl is independent of the server, but need to run the Xgl X server to start (set the modeline option and processing input are the two most important aspects). They share the same graphics acceleration code, but Xgl the modeline and enter the settings to do the work to another X server, which provides the OpenGL graphics acceleration to determine Xegl test basis.

Read youtobe on a video, is Novell's 3D demo xgl + compiz desktop effects. Under the original linux vista 3d desktop, even more than just cool, so far discovered, I was too ignorant.

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Armed new rural computer

銆怱ocialist new rural information one series of reports: Mudanjiang銆?br />
Editor's note: Party Plenum of building new socialist countryside put forward the great historic task; this year, the CPC Central Committee specifically on building new socialist countryside on a number of recommendations. All localities and departments are now attach great importance to building a new socialist countryside, to carry out research, make plans, put into action. The most significant decisions and strategic planning, and thus commenced the practice of building new countryside magnificent, on China's agricultural information has been produced and will continue to produce far-reaching impact.

Building a new socialist countryside in China's modernization major historic task, the information industry to promote a new socialist countryside construction, has been listed as 2006, one of the key Ministry of Information Industry. Ministry of Information Industry made, the information industry as a national basic industries, pillar industries, leading industry must be in accordance with the Party Plenum of the strategic plan, strategic and overall perspective from the start, always the "three rural" work on a very important position.

For the full swing of rural information, this newspaper has been closely. Last year in the first half, reporters go to the countryside, in the fields fieldwork interviews, issued to "open the last mile" of a text; last year, reporters continue to thoroughly investigate the Gansu, Hunan, Hebei and Fujian provinces and cities of rural information The current situation, the author of "crack the floor of the confusion of agricultural information"; the first half of this year, this newspaper has news and comment on the Special Edition has launched a new rural information see the policy direction of the article, the information industry and information technology help new rural construction focus the direction of the sort.

Currently, means of access to information services in the new countryside construction, the parts are a useful and exploration, such as "Agricultural Technology 110", agricultural expert system, village management system, "Three-One" and so on. However, what rural really need information? How to achieve information? Farmers learn to use information tools? What kind of mechanism to protect the quality of information? Especially for multi-sectoral integration of information, how to avoid long construction, redundant construction is a priority? These issues have to stay in practice to find the answers.

Concern for the newspaper with the survey plan is "socialist new rural information series of reports" of the mind and the starting point. Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, current focus, follow-up reports will be analyzed in Shandong, Hebei, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places, please get noticed.

Access to market information through the network, through the Institute of modern farming agricultural expert system technology, management system implementation through village village affairs, information technology is changing bit by bit, the back facing LOESS overturned the traditional peasant way of life.

Muling City is under the jurisdiction of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, a county-level city, Xing-old village chief source Kou Town, Village Phase 56, Toronto, London Kou phase clearly remember seven or eight years old his parents told him the United States, the world is "flat light on the phone downstairs, "the 50's in the 20th century rural areas," Electric "is a full understanding of farmers in developed countries. 60 years of the 20th century, the village became popular phrase: "the Soviet big brother, driving a big truck." At that time, a truck entered the village occasionally, the whole village would come out to see the children to follow in the dust filled the car ran out of the old far.

Twinkling of an eye to the 21st century, the village on the phone, with TV, most people have mobile phones, however, the most for Bandits profound changes with lun memory or computer village. In 2005, Mudanjiang Agricultural Information village project, Nishimura assigned to a computer, since then, the village committee was packed with people. Harvest time, Red Bean worthless unwanted, two dollars a pound yet very few people to buy; later, the village cadres in Mudanjiang City, agricultural information online, sending a red bean-shelf information, the year the village 120 tons of red bean to 2.8 yuan / kg in the price of all sold to Dalian.

Surprisingly, this powerful little computer, which makes eye-opener for the old village, bandits with Tomoya Nishimura network apparently feel that the changes brought about. Now, they pop up a new custom Nishimura: older girls to be married, take the computer as more and more dowry.

Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, the total area of 41,000 square kilometers, jurisdiction Hailin, Ning, Suifenhe, Muling, Tung Ning and Linkou six counties (cities), population 271 million, of which agriculture accounted for 45.7% of the population, the city's land area of 40.5 million hectares. In 2005, with the village agricultural information engineering, information technology has begun to village, from 2005 to 2007, implemented in three phases. 1 and 2 under construction were sent 660 computers, including 405 village units, the city's 887 administrative villages, nearly 60% have a computer.

Computer village, as the electric light, automobile impact, as farmers set off in great waves, information began with the great strides towards building a new socialist countryside.

PC village

East County Divergence Korean town is the largest town of the province, where Russia is only a river, the border line stretches 65 kilometers. Divergence town well known for the village to onion cultivation, where the onion is basically sold in Russia. Wang Huiren family planted 400 acres of onion, a village famous onion Association. In 2004, the village planted 4,000 acres of onion, a good harvest, we all thought to a better price, and behold, that year's onion harvest not only Mudanjiang, Jilin Province, Yushu City has harvested a large area round onions. Russian market due to lack of business information, being catty onion village straight from the market price fell 7 cents to 6 cents, in the end, also can not sell even a few cents, farmers had to reluctantly thrown into the ravines where the onion . That year, Wang Huiren a loss of more than 30 million, one-year hard all in vain.

In 2005, the well-being of the village welcomed the first ever computer, information service station located in the village. This year, the well-being of the village was given a large onion harvest, drawing on the lessons learned last time, the village information officer Zhang Xiugang onion village early sales put the information being sent to the Mudanjiang Mudanjiang new rural information network and information network in rural areas , harvest time, the Association 124 onion farmers have an average of 5 cents / kg in the price sold to Russia Wang Huiren the onion to sell more than 100 million.

Information is quietly changing the face of new rural areas, this change is not just lifestyle changes, but the immersion of bone marrow changes in information technology began to penetrate into rural production, supply and marketing of all aspects of the information under the guidance of , followed thousands of years of traditional agriculture began to open slowly changing agriculture.

The earth's angle of melons harvested soon, Muling Guangyi Village Zhu Wenbo took advantage of slack to the information service station at noon, please check the service station Zhu Zhijun corner this year, the price of melons. "In the past, was harvested, and we wait for vendors to receive, how much money they say is how much, at most, and then inquire inquire about the price of a neighboring village. A few years ago, soybean price of 1.5 yuan to 1.1 yuan sub-vendors closing, we sold, the result has suffered thousands of dollars. "Zhu Wenbo said, farmers hard farming is to be able to better price, the computer can bring her the greatest advantage is when sales will not be sub-vendors Mongolia was blind.

In 2005, five Linkou County Town of the villagers change agricultural planting structure, vigorously develop the mushroom cultivation. However, mushroom cultivation requires a lot of sawdust and wheat bran to do sub-culture medium, where to buy it? At that time, sawdust sub-demand, sub-20 dollar bag of sawdust are not buy and watch the yellow mushroom cultivation is necessary.

Later, the town's information workers found online Chaihe furniture factory in a large number of sub-sale of sawdust, the town immediately purchased 1,000 bags, each bag only cost 10 yuan, which look to solve the urgent needs of the farmers. This year, five million five Town of mushroom harvest, the farmers from the traditional rice, soybean migrate to the new agriculture.

Agricultural market access through the network of supply and demand information, information which is most common in rural areas to bring change, the computer opened up the agricultural village "last mile" of supply and demand the most urgent messages to the farmers. However, the expansion of "vision" at the same time, information also taught farmers to change the traditional slash and burn practices, armed with modern methods of agriculture.

Town of Marcy in five villages, the village, and HL Wu Village area, with 5,000 acres of high-protein soybean oil demonstration field, about harvest, and the sugar pea pods heavy knees. 5 Town of Party Secretary Jiang Zhenfu told reporters, this is not an ordinary demonstration fields, it is entirely through the agricultural expert system, soil samples were identified, according to the standard 175 kg per mu of the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content, in strict accordance with the proportion of fertilizer . Last year, through the agricultural expert system demonstration field of soybeans planted out to 200 kg per mu, soybean field than the average 20 kg per mu yield, increase nearly 20 million. "This year's crop even better!" Jiangzhen Fu said.

More a surprise that the growing awareness in the new democracy in rural areas, e-government also began to extend to the lowest level. This year, Mudanjiang Bureau of Information Industry developed specifically for management of village affairs coordination office network system to solve the country between the villages of information does not flow between the problems. System uses the B / S architecture, township, and village information officer can Mudanjiang new rural information network remote access in accordance with permissions village management system, including system management, population management, land management, and village affairs management, and asset management modules.

The city a platform, five Town of seizing this opportunity to build a town and village level cooperative office system, now five Town of 24 villages, 18 villages have broadband connections, each member of the village are set to a message. Previously, the town issued a notice Necessary to Play 24 calls to the village, now as long as the management system through the village notice published.

As the most grassroots level in rural work, take a lot of trivia township, township cadres cooperative office not only freed from the heavy work, but also allow the villagers to get the fastest benefit. "Two up" (fine varieties subsidies, subsidies for grain farmers) release is the most difficult thing to town, this time of year, the village must first check the number of acres, drawn by the town 24 10 700 staff calculated the amount of subsidies farmers and then to the rural credit cooperatives. This year, five Town of good land management system to urge the village, by the information staff input the number of acres of land each household, the "two up" payment, as long as two staff members per household through the system can accurately calculate the amount of subsidies, " two-up "half earlier than last year sent to the farmers.

Access to market information through the network, through the Institute of modern farming agricultural expert system technology, management system implementation through village village affairs, information technology is changing little by little, this ancient land. Although some of these means "earth", although this long and difficult process, information is increasingly highlighted its importance. Heilongjiang Provincial Information Industry Department, as deputy director of Sun said: "Information technology is an integral part of the new rural construction, no information, the new rural areas difficult to achieve."

Open up the last mile

In the village of agricultural information projects, Peony Bureau of Information Industry and Technology Management Section, Zhen-Hui Wang still remember, some village down for the computer, because not use and would not use, even with no split package back on the intact back.

"The most difficult information technology in rural areas, meaning they are the most important thing is get through the last mile, farmers do not need information, will not use, with no good, these are determined by the last mile is smooth." Mudanjiang City Information Industry DS Lee and Ren said.

Open up the last mile, what is the best way? Since 2001, Mudanjiang City, on a series of exploration. Agricultural expert system is the Ministry of Science since 2000, organized jointly developed multi-force, and included in the national "863 Program." Since 2001, Mudanjiang City has in Ning, Muling, Linkou, Tung Ning, Hailin 5 counties (cities) Experimental application of the 37 towns of agricultural expert system to provide farmers with technical information to support production. The early stage of soybean, corn, rice, and other six were localized expert system development, and use free of charge to farmers. However, the agricultural expert system, well, by what means so that farmers can use up? In 2003, the Mudanjiang City Bureau of Agriculture to implement the agricultural information "villages" project, rural information applications to the platform started to apply a one-way stage of the transition.

"Every Village" project is relying on wireless paging transmission system, installed in the TV set-top box, sending agricultural information to farmers, including crop supply and demand information and knowledge. A set-top box 600, received a dollar a day fee information, "villages" is open up the last mile of the first agricultural exploration, the city installed a total of 672 village information receiver, covering 89% of the village of district administration. "Every Village" has opened a total of 17,000 articles published information, farmers received more than 1,600 people all feedback. Later, Mudanjiang City Bureau of Agriculture has launched the "Agricultural Technology 110" hotline, answered by the experts in consultation with farmers turn imprisoned or online production technology. Opened two years, received more than 1,800 people to inquire, to answer more than 1,100 technical problems, send professional and technical personnel on site to answer technical questions in depth more than 200 people.

To the end of 2005, Mudanjiang City, rural fixed telephone subscribers reached 763,000, of which 398,000 rural fixed telephone subscribers; wired telephone, cable television implementation, "villages", the mobile phone signal covers 97.8% of the Village. On this basis, the development of the "villages" and "Agricultural Technology 110" to get through the last mile to provide a useful exploration, but most allow farmers to feel the rolling tide of information or the rapid popularization of the network. In 2005, the company invested 20 million yuan Mudanjiang China Netcom to increase fiber access points, the current rate of broadband in the village to reach 70%.

The rapid development of agricultural information network opened up the last mile to provide the most effective information channel, starting in 2005 the rural information village project, the agricultural expert system is installed on your computer, has been its lack of "landing" of the agricultural experts systems into the village, get through the last mile another step forward. The first phase of investment in 1.35 million yuan, of which the Office of Information Industry allocated 900 thousand yuan, the city allocated 300 thousand yuan, Hailin, Muling, Linkou supporting 150 thousand yuan each. Estimated that by 2008, computers will reach 100% coverage, while in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period of broadband in the village rate will reach 95%.

Terminal equipment and networks into the village, but also how to integrate it useful for information transfer to farmers? Began in 2001 erected by the Bureau of Agriculture Mudanjiang Mudanjiang agricultural information website, has reached 38 columns, to provide farmers with agricultural news, policies and regulations, market information, Russian economic and trade of agricultural information for farmers to provide agricultural information platform .

In order to protect the information fresh and real, of Agriculture Agricultural Information Centre set up by the eight editors responsible for site content updates, the staff at the farmers market every bar, heard first-hand information on agricultural markets, but also specialized in sending a staff member to Russia, Russia sent daily trade information, market price updates 3 times per week, average daily updates reached a total of more than 200. In addition, the Information Center also created a village, town, city, province, four information submitted to the system, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province Information Center Agriculture Online daily newspaper to information not less than five.

In 2005, the Mudanjiang Bureau of Information Industry has established information network in rural areas of Mudanjiang City, the platform is the construction of rural information application platform and work platform, providing agricultural experts, the network office, village management and agricultural experts, the three applications of information agricultural knowledge and information, rural information, four of rural land resources database for laying a platform for e-government village.

Information equipment carrying the message content into the village, farmers can not accept it? As the long-term occlusion, farmers receiving much new things faster than city people, the computer village is destined to a long and arduous process. In 2004, Linkou County five Linzhen Wu Village of pig big on learning disabilities and buy a computer online, the villagers also laugh at him, said: "idiot would feed the pigs, pigs also use computers and really burn the money." In early 2005 in persons and the adoption of online information that hog prices to come down, so to reduce pig herds, while the good purchased Duroc pigs reserve seed source, to avoid market risk, the villagers began to believe that the next computer.

Northeast Rural saying goes: fool the New Year than by watching. "By more than" is a neighbor, this sentence means that the imitation effect particularly strong in rural areas. Suffered a computer to be returned unopened to the embarrassment, the Municipal Bureau of Information Industry decided to experiment first, to play the role of the pilot demonstration. First select a project focused on 30 villages (Information Point), capital construction investment information available and working environment, one in two (or three) villages (Information Point) a group, divided into 12 types have different emphases for experiments, such as agriculture expert system pilot, the pilot village management, remote education and pilot projects.

The role model is apparent, the town of Linkou County Longzhaogou plant site in 2005 ushered in the village since the village first computer, the village li villagers queuing up every day, when the machine is not a moment idle. "You can think of the Internet has, can not think of what the Internet has." Villagers said. Soon, a "machine" ripple in the economic conditions are relatively affluent village of planting site, the village people have more than 20 280 farmers buy their own computers, there are more than 10 families are planning the next year to buy computer.

Information service system: guard against island

Linkou County information officer five Linzhen Long Feng Wu is the village's accounting license in 2005, he went to the town received two computer training, is the first village people who will use the computer. Long Feng in the village, the two put down a thick "network information", the contents of the rice market forecast, some farmers seeking rich history of struggle, this is according to Wu spent a good few months to get the involved in the online agricultural information, draw a print out, binding is good, keep reading for the villagers, the villagers find it useful if you can also copy down the home. If it is about the village are particularly useful information, Wu notes to find the village radio station out through loudspeakers. In a village road with no remote village, according to Wu and turned it into a "liaison officer" for the job, he felt particularly proud of.

Now the rural economic strength, to do the computer is still very far into family matters, how the information broadcast to every corner of the village, to establish a top to bottom of the information service system is particularly important, Wu is the information service system according to the most grassroots level, his presence so that "last mile" will not stranded. Mudanjiang City established a municipal, county, township and village information officer four systems, information specialists in rural areas has reached 700, and base personnel to carry out various different levels and different stages for different grades, each focusing on training . In addition to the ranks of information workers, Mudanjiang City has also set up conditions in the village information kiosks in rural areas.

This year in June, Muling villagers Fan Yanping new investment of 2 million has 7 computers set up in the village information kiosks in rural areas. New Village larger number of people working out, Fan Yanping to apply a QQ number, working outside the village there are more than 30 years in his group, there are many villagers to his service station in and out working in the family chat. Service station to establish a few months, well like the villagers.

Information service station service system to establish an effective rural primary form, at present, the Heilongjiang Province in the country registered in the total number of information service station 2497. Even if the Government gives tax and other preferential policies, the majority of the information service station operators are still faced with a crisis. How to encourage farmers to the Internet? In poor rural areas, how these service stations survive? This is the information service system in the village-level problems.

If the information passed to the grass-roots information to farmers and members of the main tasks of information service centers, then, to integrate better the various agriculture-and agriculture-related resources, good "stress on the latter" is a township and county government considered. "Now, many departments are doing information technology in rural areas, agricultural bureau, Bureau of Information Industry and Technology Bureau are doing a project in this sector today, and tomorrow there is another plan that sector, so many agriculture-related resources, how to effectively integrate into a system of it? "East County Science, Technology and Information Industry Deputy Secretary for Liu Peihai said. Information technology was not in our rural areas have a clear body to command the time and do the connecting link between resource sharing, vigilance information appears in the rural islands of information, towns and counties mechanism is particularly important.

2005 and 2006, the East County to strengthen rural information service system, has set up headed by the Mayor, members of the relevant units of the new rural information service system and the new leading group of rural commercial information service system Work Leading Group, the county town, and village levels has also set up a new rural information service system for the leading group, which formed in the leading group under the leadership of the county Bureau of Science, Technology and Information Industry ("the Division believed the Council") and related departments to facilitate the organization structure. "No matter how many departments the above matter to us, is an export of agricultural information." Liupei Hai said. East County is Taiwan's first straighten out the organization of new information technology systems in rural counties.

Organizational system in East County, the East County in the county six towns and 102 villages all set up information kiosks. Town Information Center Town departments primarily for the training of staff members and village information set, and the county Division sent a letter of Authority in the coordination of information workers, have set up two information attendants, one for information management, a responsible information technology. At the village level, not through the village on broadband Internet access via telephone lines and service stations at least one computer, a printer and a telephone. Now, the East County's broadband access reached 90%, based on the county work in 102 villages of information and government affairs information Mudanjiang all moved to the new rural information online.

Township and county set up a unified information service mechanism, up to the municipal level, Mudanjiang City, is working together to promote the establishment of mechanisms for agricultural information from the lead Mudanjiang Bureau of Information Industry, Agriculture Commission Joint Mudanjiang, Mudanjiang Municipal Science and Technology Council and the county ( City) Division letter Mudanjiang Agricultural Information Bureau set up demonstration projects to implement the leading group. Agriculture Committee is mainly responsible for website content updates, Bureau of Information Industry more focused on the establishment of pilot information summarizes the various models of rural information.

Although the division of different departments coordinate and share resources or information technology in rural cadres into the most embarrassing question. "Agriculture-related information from different departments, lack of unified coordination mechanism for information service management. All departments independent of each other, the development of information collection and resource fragmentation, lack of uniform standards, there is duplication, resulting in waste of resources and information on idle." In written Mudanjiang Bureau of Information Industry, "Agricultural Information Survey Report", lack of coordination of agricultural information and sharing mechanisms are clearly put forward. Long-term "fragmentation" has been subjected to e-government information islands of torture, agricultural information must not become the next island!

Expert opinion

Five tasks of agricultural information service

鈻?Information Center Ministry of Agriculture Deputy Director Guo Zuoyu

Agricultural Information Service has entered a new phase in the construction of new socialist countryside strategic goal, efforts should focus on five clear direction.

Party Plenum adopted the "CPC Central Committee on the development of" Eleventh Five-Year Plan "proposal" that "building a socialist new countryside in China's modernization process, the major historic task. To be in accordance with the development of production, affluent rural civilization, neat appearance, and democratic management, and proceed from the reality around, respect the will of peasants, solid and steady progress in building new countryside. "

For a long time, the task of agricultural information services primarily to address agricultural development (agricultural quantity, quality, market competitiveness, the income of farmers, etc.), from now on will mainly address the issue of building a new socialist countryside. That would not only solve the problem of agricultural development, while addressing the quality issues that farmers train new farmers, the construction of the harmonious rural development. Agricultural front as the information service workers, should stand to the high degree of integration of history and reality to the vision of a new look at the current work, conscientiously carry out the new rural construction information services.

1. Foster new service models.

Agricultural Development Information Service, will present the overall diversification, socialization and networking. At present, the new rural information services, first it is necessary to state the actions of all departments integration of appropriate resources, avoid duplication of long development and construction. Such as capital investment, networking, team building, information resource development, information services, should strengthen coordination, the overall operation, as much as possible to avoid duplication. Second, the government's new rural information service system and information services to conduct the primary and dominant position should be accounted for mainly providing public information services, while good at organizing and promoting community-based information service force.

2. Development-related information resources.

The first, development of modern agriculture. Such as changes in agricultural growth, improving agricultural production capacity; and stable development of grain production, a high quality grain production project, to ensure national food security; optimize the layout of agricultural production, promote industrialized operation of agriculture, promotion of value-added processing of agricultural products; strengthen construction of water conservancy transformation of low yield land, improve land consolidation; raise the level of agricultural mechanization, speed up agricultural standardization, improve agricultural extension, agricultural markets, agricultural products quality safety and animal and plant pests and diseases prevention and control system; actively promote water-saving irrigation, the scientific use of fertilizers, pesticides, Promoting Sustainable Agricultural Development.

Second, the training of new farmers the information and services. This information resource is mainly cultural, technical and business knowledge, as well as moral, ideological, spiritual refinement to such knowledge.

Third, the construction of the harmonious development of new rural information. Mainly to publicize the policy to promote the experience of dynamic exchange.

3. The international trading system to provide suitable information service.

In recent years, proved compatible with the international trading system information services, is entering a new phase of agricultural information services a major landmark. Currently doing a good job in this area of information services, mainly to find out information needs, information services play the main role of diversity, fostering good information service mechanism.

Information needs of the country and opening up markets in agriculture and agricultural information needs, mainly to improve the international competitiveness of agriculture, the international market and trend analysis, deal with the challenges of world trade, and other aspects of economic globalization. The main information services, such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Commerce, China Customs, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, National Bureau of Statistics, the social organizations, the business, the media. Information service mechanism, such as organization and planning, and enhance the effectiveness of information services and innovative forms of information services, enhanced information services initiative, and enhance information services personnel strength and increasing funding support.

4. Means to play an important role in advanced technology.

Advanced technology means that information technology, agriculture, mainly of satellite remote sensing, satellite positioning technology, geographic information systems, expert systems, agricultural automation, Internet technology, multimedia technology. The Agricultural Information Technology is to provide agricultural information services technology. They play an important role, is a means to strengthen our information services and capabilities of traditional information service is the modern way to change the way information service, is changing from passive to active, change "itself" as "self-as."

5. To solve the "last mile" problem.

This is the present and very prominent within a longer period of the task, this, in particular, need to make great efforts to require scientific ideas, strategies, methods, channels and means. According to local conditions, proceed from reality, Mozhun information needs, to play the role of multiple forces, using a variety of service means taking the form of a variety of services.

Mozhun needs to ensure that the information supplied. According to the survey, the different market players have different information needs. China's farmers need to present information, mainly new varieties, new technologies, local agricultural price information, where to go to work in what the best income.

Play the role of multiple forces, mainly refers to the organizational resources and networks play an active role. Like to play the county, township information service organizations and members of the power of rural information, professional and technical associations in rural areas to play, the role of rural cooperative economic organizations, to play the role of brokers in rural areas play a leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, the role of wholesale markets play a Rural Information services, the role of model families, the futures market price information to play the role of the instructions.

Interview Notes: information technology, "fire"

Ten-day trip back from Heilongjiang, mailbox filled with messages. One entitled "friends of farmers sent a letter to Beijing," the e-mail caught my attention. It turned out that the source Muling Xing Town, members of the village of Xu Guang financial information sent to me. His letter said: "Through you to our village to interview, I feel like I know what is too little, it is hoped to be able to chat with you more." He also left a letter at the end of QQ numbers.

See this letter, my brain Haili Ma younger boy strayed across the face. Xu Guang Financial information is the first member of the village, in order to do the job, he went to go study for a month in Mudanjiang City computer. Bureau of Information Industry in Mudanjiang City, not the implementation of village affairs, he gave the village 452, 1740 to establish electronic records, carved on the village committee in CD-ROM. His idea to the Information Industry Bureau and a lot of inspiration, village management system also incorporates a lot of his experience.

As a result, I thought, Linkou County 5 Linzhen Qing Feng interview segment Rongwei big pig encounter, he was a college student, in 2000 took over from his father hand a loss of 150 million pig farm. He sold the original factory pigs, introduced to heat, loan to establish a breeding herd of the village's first modern factory, the office also bought a computer, the village did not pass broadband, dial-up him. Later, he established the Pig Association, attracted 193 members. This year in April, he read about the main ingredients of pig feed corn to price increases, they promptly notify the member, one-time purchase of 30 kilograms of maize, saving more than 30,000 yuan; He also led the members through the agricultural expert system for pig medical treatment In 2005, the Association of the network sold more than 20,000 pigs, the direct economic benefits to 80 million, Qingfeng famous soon Mudanjiang Pig Association.

Duan Wei Rong also told me that he was pondering the establishment of an association's website, try e-commerce, in the pig factory installed cameras so that you can achieve on-line transactions, and other online via video to see the pig species, after completion of the transaction he can direct delivery of the.

Xu Guang Choi, Duan Wei Rong, there Linkou County Longzhaogou Town, Feng Zhao, Wu Chuan ... ... All these energetic young people to visit my Heilongjiang left a deep impression. Information go to the countryside this is a long and difficult process, in the process, in addition to relying on government investment guide, but also needs in rural areas they grew up and how old the rural poor to have active information "factor" mean? This group of young people in rural areas of information technology is the "fire", they kindled a new hope for rural information, so that the rural to the growing desire for information inflated.

The information "fire" is very precious, already failed to keep the people in poor rural areas, to the emergence of these information professionals are very rare. Well, what a way to retain them and let them continue to grow up? Their desire for more knowledge of information technology, requires constant charging; want recognition of their work, need to be encouraged. For these most basic of information from the "fire", there are those who operate the information trapped in service stations is their integration into administrative work system of government give the necessary subsidies, or the establishment of long-term training for the Wei Qi? Rural information to the "last meter", must not interrupted, or lost by the wayside, this should be for all the rural information and contemplation of the chemical.



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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Cottage XP" national dream

Recently, the rain forest wind through Ylmf OS on board the domestic Web sites, news headlines, often occupy the center of the Internet media. Following the end of last year Ylmf OS, the rain forest air again in January 14 this year, launched the English version of the system and its independent domain XP.COM provided a download link, its services and expand overseas overseas users of the Internet market spare bedding.

Raising a year ago, Microsoft anti-piracy stick, tomato garden succumbed in droves. To avoid unnecessary disputes, also accused of piracy, "rain forest wind Studio" dissolved, and enter a stage of independent research and development. Under its influence, the domestic other Windows system optimization team have also dissolved.

Christmas Eve 2009, a year after leaving the rain forest the wind carry Ylmf OS operating system to return to the field. Giving users a free operating system at the same time, Ylmf OS also makes the industry an uproar: In addition to using the Linux kernel outside interface with the XP operating system used exactly the same infringement endless questions.

In fact, the current legal environment in China, whether in source or software interface, Ylmf OS are safe within the base line. For the rain forest the wind, the real test is "cottage XP" can carry their national dreams.

"Cottage version of XP"

Has a reputation for carrying pirated, but the rain forest the wind never thought a person in charge Lailin Feng and his related. "We're in the rain forest air exchange forum to share with friends XP system optimization results." While the studio back in the rain forest before the dissolution of the wind, Lai Linfeng was determined to own R & D restructuring.

By the end of 2008, the rain forest the wind started the Linux-based independent research and development project, launched last year Ylmf OS. This is an open source operating system that is open source code operating system, anyone is free to use, re-build (Windows XP non-open source system).

"Yes, you see the XP, but Ta is not XP." This is Ylmf OS promotional ad for the interface from the screenshots of view, Ylmf OS and XP is almost no difference. An experienced Ylmf OS in the industry, said: "seen imitation XP, Linux, may have never seen such a ruthless imitation, and even XP, let off every detail."

Since it is a free operating system, computer users whom applauded the few, but the voices of doubt are also prevalent.

"Technology is only the original package, put on the cloak of XP", this is the most acute criticism Ylmf OS. Lai Linfeng have smiled and said, "We play more of a skill, not technology, and even a sense, Ylmf OS is everyone's." Ylmf OS project started, there have been many Linux enthusiasts to Ylmf OS provided advice on research and development, or even direct technical support.

The high imitation XP system interface, Ylmf OS are friends jokingly called "cottage version of XP". In this regard, Lai Linfeng that friends say is their freedom of speech. But if the "cottage XP" this view so that everyone can have one more way to access and understand Linux, they do a good thing.

Lai Linfeng frankly, "Windows XP operating system is one of welcome by the user, Ylmf OS does draw some of its style, mainly taking into account the habits of most users, allows users to quickly start with Linux.

"I do not have too much of the cost considerations, can only say that we all costs, to pay a lot of hard work." Domain name alone XP.COM, Lai Linfeng spent thousands of dollars. Although XP.COM point Ylmf OS users refer to as the cottage home was another act, but as a promotional tool, this approach obviously worked.

Up to now, Ylmf OS downloads has reached more than 30 million.

Infringement is a pseudo-proposition

Rain forest wind hoping to Ylmf OS out of the quagmire of piracy and clean and simply into the desktop operating system. But the Windows XP interface to its high imitation behavior elicited an infringement or challenge the Voice.

Ylmf OS release within ten days, which caused Microsoft's attention. In a media interview, Microsoft said that "we have not assessed this system code, but You Yu-based Linux, Dangqian difficult to apply the anti-piracy laws. Therefore, we must Yiju Intellectual Property France's overall spirit to protect themselves."

Wealth of Nations famous Internet experts said Microsoft's argument is a false proposition. As how to determine infringement, long on the details of the legal provisions, there is no need to discuss from the spirit of the law. If the infringement of the legal question of whether there are further changes, we will then discuss their research.

"If Ylmf OS is actually covered with XP linux outside the cloak. So, we need only consider whether or not that dress infringement, and if an infringement, the infringement of degree." In the national wealth to the "corporate "told reporters.

Lailin Feng believes that the issue of infringement on Ylmf OS is a misleading, "If the appearance and operation of similar habits is the infringement, if a little exaggeration, and for example display style is simplicity, and many brands of screen are A simple screen 4 side, not the LOGO you really can not tell what brand, as well as all the screen so few operations on the keys, you can say who they are invading whose rights? "

According to the "Computer Software Protection Regulations" requirement, as a result of the limitations of expression is similar to not be plagiarism. This is exactly mimic the interface difficult to judge whether the reasons for infringement.

In rich countries that Microsoft itself is not taking into account the earliest founders of the graphical interface, a simple graphical interface on the concept of point of view, can not directly determine the rain forest wind infringement. But he also pointed out that if the number of boot screen, desktop wallpaper, introduced as an independent text and other works protected by copyright law, then, of these works unauthorized commercial use, is most likely constitute copyright infringement.

Ylmf OS extension interface uses Microsoft's enough real ones to fake boot screen, but Lailin Feng said that it was advertising gimmick, they actually use the boot screen, desktop wallpaper, etc. all have a legitimate source, and because Ylmf OS is free, Ylmf OS not infringe the copyright of the independent work of art.

It is reported that Microsoft recently received an official in the well-known technology website Ars Technica interview, said: "We can not predict the future, but currently we can not on their (the rain forest the wind) to prosecute." Tone somewhat helpless.

The real test

During the interview, Lai Linfeng repeatedly stressed that the rain forest wind Ylmf OS is launched with a strong national complex. "Imagine, if the current here can have a very good free operating system, the state could save much money? Able to circumvent the number of information security? Therefore, the rain forest the wind did not intend to return by what Ylmf OS, just hope that we can try to accept something different, so that the open source operating systems in the country to promote the open. "

Tomato Garden fallen shocking, plus swallowed their anger dissolve the "Rain Forest Wind Studio," Biequ, Lai Linfeng National Complex is easy to understand. However, being monopoly desktop operating system market, Microsoft, Ylmf OS If you can not blaze a way to survive, this dream is a shattered nation.

Early in the rain forest the wind before launching Ylmf OS, domestic winning software, system software vendors such as Red Flag Linux Desktop has released operating system, although government procurement and the new PC, to be pre-installed genuine operating system policy support, but unfortunately has price advantage of Linux desktop operating system market share is still less than 1% in real terms, while Microsoft's market share in this area as much as 90%.

Linux, the audience has long been a high-end user group is an important factor contributing to this situation. As the high-end positioning, the demands of ordinary users often can not be well satisfied, on the basis of the Linux operating system developed with Microsoft Windows XP and other mainstream systems vary widely, many users purchase pre-installed Linux, the Internet copies are will re-install the high price of the genuine system, or Microsoft system illegal.

Lai Linfeng clearly seen on the crux of the problem, so when he independently developed the operating system market posture Shahui, it wanted to become a "sought to close the attitude of most civilian users, to meet the needs of ordinary users" of the desktop operating system. The result is that we see is called "cottage XP" the Ylmf OS.

For many senior developers the Linux system did not solve the compatibility problems, has always been good at Windows XP's rain forest wind energy to solve this? Many industry expressed doubt that the Ylmf OS despite the high interface imitation XP, but the essence is not a long time to break through the 1% of the desktop market, Linux. Ylmf OS's popularity, not through a simple interface can be implemented imitation.

Lai Linfeng frankly, Ylmf OS hardware and software compatibility, software, and so do the richness and some need improvement, then the rain forest the wind continued to release a new version will continuously improve the user experience, simplify the complexity Linux operation let the primary users can quickly get started. Meanwhile, Lai Linfeng hope software and hardware providers can provide more support for Linux systems, rich software and games under Linux.

However, the prospects for Ylmf OS, Lai Linfeng still confident. "In domestic terms, Ylmf OS is extremely popular, with more than 300 million Chinese Internet users, as long as 1 percent of customer support we are a huge number."

Heavy promotion of Ylmf OS as the first step, the rain forest wind is actively planning to enter the netbook market model both cooperation, but also launched its own brand. At present, Lai Linfeng working with Dongguan, Shenzhen and other places to discuss a number of foundries. Barring the unexpected, loading Ylmf OS of the Internet this product will soon show up in the market.

Can people get rid of Linux desktop operating system had to be unloaded embarrassing fate? This is the true test Ylmf OS.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

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